An Asian staple
Strategic, flexible and regional
about us
Rice was established in 2009. We're a boutique communications agency offering organisations a strategic and integrated approach that is flexible in meeting business objectives, and regional in nature. Our team members come from all around the world but the one thing we have in common is that we’re all passionate about communications. We work hard for our clients but have fun while doing it.
To be an organisation that positively impacts the business of our clients, the lives of our employees, and the community at large. An emphasis on quality in all aspects of our work helps us get results and has driven our significant growth over the years.
To be recognised as a dynamic consultancy with the best people, working for the best organisations in the Asia-Pacific region.
What are our values?

Rice stands for Respect, Integrity, Creativity, and Enterprise – these characteristics embody what we value as a company and as individuals

We respect every person we interact with – our colleagues, clients, suppliers and industry partners, private and public stakeholders, influencers and analysts, and the media. We respect diverse voices and ideas, thoughts and feelings, principles and beliefs, cultures and histories, individualities and idiosyncrasies. We’re all a bit quirky.
It’s the foundation of trust. We build trust through transparency and accountability and ensure honesty and fairness every step of the way. We believe that in an industry replete with challenges, uncompromising integrity will reinforce our commitment to excellence and leadership.
Creativity energises our relationships. It allows us to be nimble and flexible, always adapting quickly. We want to do things differently and better for ourselves and our clients. We look beyond the obvious and the brief to create campaigns that excite and leave a lasting impression on those who matter.
Not dissimilar to the starship, we have the entrepreneurial spirit to boldly go forth at the best and worst of times. As a company born in the midst of a recession, we are as brazen as we are resourceful. We take chances, we embrace change, and we fail sometimes. But we learn, evolve and move on.